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Beats, Bots and Bytes


Our Arts in STEAM program consists of using art to solve challenging problems. 

As a result of this class the children were able to think our side of the box by using creativity. We at SheDigital believe that creativity leads to innovation when used to solve problems.



LaTriese electrifies audiences with her enthusiastic Beats, Bots and Bytes tm presentations and interactive workshops. She has a unique gift of taking complex ideas and breaking them down into fun engaging digestible chunks.  She introduces her students to the complex world of code through music. In her workshop children learn how to code using today’s top leading programming languages to create music tracks much like a recording engineer. The skills learned in her course can be used as a starting point to create both, web and mobile applications. These skills are highly marketable.

Beats - Creating music using two top leading programming languages - Python and JavaScript

Bots - Designing, Constructing, and programming robots using Arduino ccircuit board and code

Bytes - Learning the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and javaScript to develop and launch a web site

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