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The Art Code


The Art Code

The Art Code class series is designed to promote the arts in STEAM.  Our innovative class series utilizes art to solve challenging problems. As a result, children are able to think outside of the box by using creativity. We believe that creativity leads to innovation when it’s used in this way.


In one part of the Art Code series children will use beads to learn how to convert and translate binary code by creating bracelets and key chains with secret codes embedded in them. In another part of the series, children will utilize African Adinkra symbols and ancient Egyptian symbols to create their own binary code and make a piece of art that looks much like a quilt. Students will also learn how symbols on quilts during enslavement in North America were used as a form of a hidden code to guide those running toward freedom.


In addition to having a fun learning experience, the Art Code series will teach children:


  • How to understand and translate binary code

  • Creative problem solving and critical thinking

  • How to produce imaginative art pieces that show innovation in design concepts



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